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All Natural Herbal Supplement in a Lozenge.

AllergEase was created by a medical doctor looking for alternatives to help his family and friends battle allergies. What resulted was a unique blend of our herbal extracts that individually have been used for centuries to help people with their allergies. Now you can enjoy all of Mother Nature’s suggestions for battling allergies in our honey lemon lozenge.

O’Reilly’s Irish Bar and Restaurant

Our newest location in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Traditional American/Irish cuisine served in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Lots of flat screen TVs and plenty of seating to allow you to watch the Big Game while enjoying our many beers and reasonably priced food. Enjoy lunch and a soda for under $10!


Go Places. Do Good. Get Rewards.

Cause.it is a mobile application that connects nonprofits and businesses through individual volunteers and donors creating a unique ecosystem. Nonprofit organizations use Cause.it to easily engage new and existing volunteers and donors. Businesses can easily setup cause based marketing initiatives connected to local nonprofits with very little overhead.

Beyond Payroll

The Industry’s First Payroll Brokerage firm!

Beyond Payroll is revolutionizing the payroll industry by giving business owners the opportunity to consider a variety of payroll providers through a single point of contact. By working with one of our Payroll Guru’s, you’ll be able to compare the rates and services of industry leaders and select a customized payroll solution at the best possible price.


Email has to Go

250ok is an email deliverability tools company that produces a SaaS platform to monitor and measure the deliverability of email networks. These tools identify potential issues that could prevent email messages from being delivered to the inbox or, even worse, being rejected all together.

Emerald Logic

Big Data is meaningless without Big Answers

Emerald Logic solves hyper-dimensional analytic problems in investment banking, financial services, defense, and biotech.  Our FACET engine (FAst Collective Evolution Technology) combines biological and mathematical principles to answer Big Data questions that have outrun statistics, business intelligence, and traditional AI methods.


Rewarding Passionate Sports Fans with BIG Prizes.

SportsHedge is a platform that operates two online products: a legal fantasy sportsbook competition and a sports handicapping service that sells high quality sports betting information sourced from the first product.

Santa Monica Electric Vehicles

People ride Bikes

The only stand-alone torque sensor on the market that is fully progammable and ready to directly interface with any controller that uses a 5 volt, hall effect throttle.

Fathom Voice

An online Voice Portal

Helps companies gain more functionality out of their phone system while reducing their costs of telephone services. Fathom Voice is a PBX – or phone system – in the cloud. Fathom Voice comes equipped with more than 200 features and teaches the user how to benefit from all of them.


Say goodbye to textbooks.

Skyepack helps decrease the cost of education by delivering to devices students already have, and engaging them with tools they already understand. Build multimedia rick packs with easy to use authoring tools. Skyepack supports video, photos, documents, audio and customized HTML.



Beyond Payroll